Kris Lukov Coaching Academy

Football Camp

LoveTheGame gives you below 10 reasons why you must attend one of our football camps and give your child a week that will never be forgotten!

1. Appropriate Training and Teaching Methods
We speak your child’s language. Our coaches use words, images and demonstration techniques that help us connect with the children and create a brilliant positive atmosphere.

2. Patience, Support & Confidence
It’s not important how many times you fall down, it’s all about the moment you stand up and keep going. The confidence we have e in our teaching methods is high. Therefore, we look forward to that “moment” and we will work patiently to get your child there.

3. Frequent Repetitions
Children learn by doing & participating and stay connected by being active. Frequent repetitions are more FUN and the only way to make improvements.

4. Respect for Everyone
Respectful behavior is the most important factor in LoveTheGame policy. We make sure all players are given respect and support –every moment of every day.

5. Appropriate Curriculum for Your Child’s Age and Experience
Experienced coaches are designing and delivering the camps program so that it fits your child’s needs. We provide appropriate challenges during which players are engaged and challenged but not overwhelmed and most importantly having FUN.

6. Team Bonding
Due to its nature and culture, football unites people together, creates friendships and brings everyone closer together. Football friends become best friends.

Football is a game and we play it for fun. Our coaches are serious about execution and organization, but we never take ourselves too seriously. Our main camp mission is to entertain your children and give them a week they will never forget!

8. Skill Competitions
We love to heighten the stakes and put some prizes and glory on the line. A lot of bonus points to be won for team and individual challenges. At the end of each day we sum up the points and determine the winning team.
This raises the group energy–and makes it more FUN!

9. Matches, Tournament Action, Goals
Everyday finishes with a HUGE football tournament. During the matches, children unleash the skills, athletic ability and “football sense” they have learned earlier throughout the day.
They experience thrills of victory and agony of defeat.

10. Reward the Effort, Give Trophies & Medals
Most importantly, we reward effort because a commitment to effort is the most important gift we can teach. Every player will get a medal and trophies will be given away to a few categories such as most improved players, fair play awards and many more.