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Success Stories

Kris ist mit Sicherheit der beste Jugendtrainer, den ich als „Spielervater“ in den letzten 10 Jahren erlebt habe. Neben seiner fachlichen Qualität, hat mich besonders der Umgang mit den Jugendlichen beeindruckt. Binnen weniger Wochen hatte er den richtigen „Draht“ zu den Kids gefunden und zu einem erfolgreichen Team geformt. Ob Match oder Training, Kris verstand es einfach meinen Sohn Ben und die anderen Jungs für den Fußball zu begeistern.

Martin Pichler
Martin Pichler

Coach Kris is an extremely dedicated and experienced coach and my son loved to be part of his football team. Also, since he had Kris as a coach his football ability and agility very much improved drastically.

My son had one of the most memorable fun team holidays that he will never forget.  We are very grateful to have had Kris as a coach!

Laura Halls
Laura Halls

Coach Kris took over as coach of an international boys' U14 team in Vienna and very quickly showed his skills and qualities as a coach by instilling a positive atmosphere amongst all the boys. His first season as coach was a great success, not just on the football pitch but also during training and the free time the boys spent together. Kris was consistently fair and positive in all his dealings with the team and consequently our son never wanted to miss training nor a match. Kris proved to be an excellent role model for the boys with the highlight of the season being a team trip to Bulgaria he organized, which was a huge success. Kris has left a wonderful impression on our son and as parents we cannot wait for our paths to cross again.

Mark Fawcett
Mark Fawcett

During his time as a coach for SUSA, Kris has demonstrated utmost dedication, spirit and professionalism that has left me amazed. The boys have had incredible support, coaching and instruction throughout their time with Kris. They have grown into an amazing team, on as well as off pitch.

Even though Kris could have simply said goodbye at the end of the season, he took it upon himself to organise a training camp in July 2017 for the boys in Bulgaria, where he comes from. Not only did he organise some fine football games with home teams, he also managed a highly memorable stay for the 15 kids in Varna that included taking them to a European league qualifying match, a theme park and even to his own home in Sofia. His dedication does not stop there. During those ten days, two boys fell ill and had high fever (Piero being one of them); he personally took care of them and brought their fever down, as Piero described, “with cold compresses between midnight and 5 am”.

I would give Kris my highest recommendation in whatever he chooses to undertake. The responsibility, organization and care that he has clearly demonstrated for his team, not to mention his energy – will stand him in great stead as one of the finest football coaches we have.

Radhika Seiler
Radhika Seiler

Kris brings a tremendous, positive energy to his coaching. The boys learned a great deal about football skills and tactics, but also about how to have the right attitude and to play the game right. The improvement they showed as a team in a relatively short time was really impressive!

Jeff Fulton
Jeff Fulton
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Success Stories

Kris is an amazing coach who taught me so much in 1 year and now I am so much better than I was in the past years. I think he made everyone better. He is funny kind and much more with a lot of knowledge about football and special approach to each player.  I am very thankful for an amazing year that I will never forget.

Harry Fawcett
Harry Fawcett, 14

I liked that after the training we had a fun football activity at the end. The training exercises where really helpful and there wasn't one exercise that was a waste of time. We had also a lot of fun during the trainings. During the 1 year Kris trained us, we learned a lot and had a great time.

Ben Pichler
Ben Pichler, 14

Kris was an interesting but fun coach; he always wanted to help us do our best. Each and every training session Kris took was great, as he identified our weaknesses from the matches we played at the weekends. He would then make sure we covered it in our training nights. He would always pick up on things that not only one player was struggling with but a few of us, this then meant he wasn't singling people out on there weaknesses. Doing this then meant he was able to plan ahead for our training sessions and make them as good and as beneficial as possible. Kris would never give you negative feedback he would say what you done wrong but would always tell you different ways to improve on it and help you turn your weakness into a strength. Kris has a great desire in improving people’s skills and abilities. To have a coach like Kris that will not only push you to the best of your ability but will help you improve on every aspect socially and mentally, you will improve a lot as a player on and off the pitch.

Alix Wilkinson
Alix Wilkinson, 18+

Ich hatte schon viele Trainer in den letzten Jahren aber ich hatte noch nie einen so engagierten, überzeugten und freundlichen wie Kris. Ich denke was Kris von anderen Trainern abhebt ist vor allem die Überzeugung wie er seinem Beruf (der gleichzeitig sein großes Hobby ist) nachgeht. Andere Trainer, kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen, bekommen monatlich ihr Geld aufs Konto geben den Kindern ein paar mal die Woche einen Ball und das war's für sie. Doch für Kris ist es wichtig, dass sich die Kinder weiterentwickeln, bessere Fußballer werden. Das ist seine Idee vom Trainer sein. Er recherchierte verschiedene Trainings-Übungen und machte die Dinge, welche er garnicht machen müsste, denn er bekommt am Ende des Monats dasselbe Gehalt. Aber Fußball und das Trainersein ist seine Leidenschaft. Auch die Art wie er mit den Spielern umgeht. Wenn du ein Problem am Platz hast, spricht er mit dir und wir haben früher viel viel Spaß mit ihm gehabt. Er versteht die Spieler weil er selber einmal einer war. Für mich ist Kris der Beste, der mich je trainierte!

Anselm Miksch
Anselm Miksch, 14

I think Kris's coaching has helped me improve as a player. We were constantly working on ball work, first touch, and control. I feel these things are needed especially when it comes to real life games. His sessions were planned out and suited my style of playing. I think Kris is a good coach, gave me plenty off game time which made me build up my fitness, I enjoyed Kris's sessions and if things needed changed he would see it quickly and change it.

Ashleigh Duncan
Ashleigh Duncan, 18+

Kris is the best coach I have ever had by far. Even though I am now playing at a higher level now, no coach at my club comes close to him. He is very approachable and trustworthy and is strict when need be. Everyone agreed with his tactics and we performed them in games no matter the circumstances. He got us all fit and he improved us all hugely!

Adam Browne
Adam Browne, 14

Kris is a great and experienced coach, who always knows what you need to work on in order to improve individually and as a team. His trainings are intense but fun and helpful, and even off the pitch Kris always had a good relationship with the players.

Yannis Vavrik
Yannis Vavrik, 14

We started off arguing during games with our old coach but when kris came everything got more serious, we trained harder we never argued during games, we improved our passing, our stamina, our shooting and eventually it paid off as we didn't lose a single game in the second half of the season

Timon Fulton
Timon Fulton, 14