Kris Lukov Coaching Academy

General Information

LoveTheGame coaching academy has been established by Kristian Lukov, with the main objective to give back to the society one thing he is most passionate about – FOOTBALL. We noticed some flaws and limitations in the way football has been coached around Vienna and quickly realized there was a need to provide professional, organized and most importantly FUN football sessions for players with different abilities. Whether you are just looking for a FUN active time for your children or want to further develop their football interest and skills, we at LoveTheGame provide the opportunity for all boys and girls, aged 3-12, to enjoy and learn about the beautiful game whilst improving aspects such as strength, power, coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, dribbling, ball control, passing and finishing.

Coaching Philosophy

LoveTheGame intends to completely distinguish itself as an academy from the way football has been coached in Vienna. Instead of limiting the children behind cones and performing irrelevant for the age group coaching drills, we intend to enhance and strengthen their LOVE for the GAME by adopting plenty of small-sided games and matches with different conditions. Our philosophy tends to improve players’ understanding and positioning within the game, as well as helping them to better understand the concepts of football and prepare them technically and tactically for their future roles in professional football academies. Our aim is to deliver active football trainings with plenty of FUN for everyone whilst creating an environment where children feel confident to participate and express themselves on the training pitch. All sessions are structured by the latest coaching and sports science methods, striving to improve the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game for each individual involved. We will teach your children how to win and lose with dignity, to show respect to everyone within the game and will help them to not only become better footballers, but also better human beings.


LoveTheGame has a strong vision regarding its functioning and will has the following attributes:

• World-class infrastructure and training facilities; latest training equipment, modern training techniques etc.
• Help young players to understand the concepts of the game better and prepare them technically, tactically, physically and mentally for their future roles in professional football academies.
• Establish a solid youth system and provide the opportunity to play league football in the academy of our partners Meixner F.C., where we are responsible for both the development of the adult team and the teams within the youth academy.
• Contribute not only to the development of football, but also for educating better human beings by adopting team and individual disciplinary methods from a young age.